Top 10 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution Providers - 2017

A slew of technological changes in the IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) space is setting the stage for a new era of predictive monitoring and support. The latest ITIM tools break down silos and provide a holistic view of the IT environment by leveraging data science. They gather huge amounts of real-time data from across the infrastructure and apply high-level analytics to comprehend the inner workings of the infrastructure.

In the current digital age, advanced ITIM tools help organizations simplify and unify the monitoring of different servers and networks. This consolidation reduces costs and complexity while improving overall infrastructure management capabilities. Moreover, the tools help mitigate operational risks and optimize monitoring costs by improving the accuracy of anomaly detection and generating alerts while reducing interruptions and increasing infrastructure uptime.

To help CIOs navigate this flourishing domain, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts along with IT Infra World’s editorial board has selected leading IT infrastructure monitoring solution providers that are at the forefront developing cutting-edge solutions to meet the vital needs of the industry. In our selection process, we evaluated a vendor’s competency in providing efficient as well cost-effective infrastructure monitoring solutions and services.

We present to you IT Infra World’s Top 10 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
AppNeta A SaaS-based app & network performance platform for IT/Network Ops teams to continuously monitor end-user experience across any app, network or cloud
AVTECH Software The company provides a full line of environment monitoring solutions that is in use across 185 countries
Catchpoint Systems Monitors the end-user experience across application, network, and infrastructure layers to preempt issues and improve service delivery
Datadog Offers an SaaS-based monitoring platform for cloud applications to enterprises
NETSCOUT Provides real-time operational intelligence and performance analytics for service assurance, and cybersecurity solutions
Paessler Provides IT and network administrators with all-inclusive network monitoring tools that are easy to utilize, buy, install and maintain
ScienceLogic Delivers the next generation IT monitoring platform for the Internet of everything
SolarWinds Provides powerful and affordable IT management software to customers worldwide from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses
xMatters Provides cloud based solutions that allows enterprise grade scaling and delivery during time-sensitive events
Zabbix Offers monitoring solutions that performs smart analysis of current state of IT infrastructure and predicts potential failures